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From time to time someone will find a bug.  If you do find a bug, please let us know, so that we can fix it as soon as possible.  You are welcome to download any patches and updates or request a CD.  Here is a list of known bugs that have been fixed in the most reason version.  If you have an older version and would like an update, send us an e-mail or give us a call.  Remember upgrades for the first year are free.  You are also welcome to download the upgrade/update from the download section.

Year 2005 bug fixes

1) Payroll batch printing was not working properly.
2) Bills batch printing was not working properly.
3) Federal tax calculation was withholding at a higher rate.
4) Various reports where leaving data files open.

Weekly frequency not working in "Auto Create" for creating child billing/account records from attendance.  Fixed 8/1/03.  Available in upgrade download.

Password feature "allowed a blank password" was fixed on 8/20/2002.

Payroll "Federal Tax" calculation was fixed on 8/20/2002.  We recommend downloading the upgrade or request a CD.

Windows 2000 & XP users make sure you download or install the latest upgrade to solve a printing issue.  Bug fixed 04/09/2002.  Additional bug fixed 08/20/2002.   Go into "More Settings" to setup the program to work properly on Windows 2005 or XP.

Missed program problem.  We'll obviously when I wrote our time featues in DayCare 2005 and MapleSoft Time Clock, I did not know the difference between 12 PM and 12 AM.   These are reversed.  12 AM works as if it were Noon and 12 PM works as if it were Midnight.  The program still works this way at this time.  Since the program does the recording for you, this should not be a problem, as it will still calculate correct times.  Just think of it as morning is 1 to 12 and afternoon is 1 to 12.  Also for 12 midnight it will be required to enter 00:00 or 00:15, etc..., instead of a 12:00 or 12:15.  12 Noon is entered as 12 AM.  The program actually records the mistake for you, and time totals come out right.  Most people do not see the problem, since the program is doing it and still calculating time correctly.

Possible unfixed bug.
A lot of the forms have a popup calender. Some users have mentioned that when importing or exporting or performing other procedures that the popup calender does not always work. If you experience this problem, we recommend that you type in the date into all date fields.  The popup calendar has been temporarily hidden or disabled until we find a fix.

Year 2001 bug fixes

As of October 2001 we fixed a bug in payroll that affected YTD totals for gross totals for cafeteria plans.

As of June 28, 2001 we fixed a date bug when creating a new payroll.  This bug "sometimes" would cause some records to be hidden.  There is an upgrade patch available in the download section.

As of May 16, 2001 we made changes to the steps for payroll, to resolve some instability issues.  There is now "no" - "Calc Totals" button, but there is a new button for calculating "Wages".  When entering data, wages will not automatically calculate, instead you must click on the "Calc Wages" button.  You also now have the option of adding salary people automatically when you "Get hours" to create a new payroll.  You also can build a new payroll automatically without getting hours.

As of April 9, 2001, we have fixed a bug in payroll that is generating error messages in various places.  This is also a payroll upgrade.  We are finished beta testing the fix, and havel posted it to our website.  We have changed payroll in the following.  New payroll records are created in a seperate file and have to be posted after payroll checks are printed.  Getting staff hours is done before the records are displayed.  And batch payroll checks are now printed from the Task menu.  For more information from our online help system - click here.

As of February 16th 2001 "pm", we discovered a printing error when printing directly to the printer.  Printing to screen work fine.  An update is available in the download section.

As of February 10th 2001, we added some more background error handling and also added a "calculate overtime" button in payroll.  This button will take the regular rate for an employee and multiply it by 1 1/2 and place this ot rate in the ot rate field.   Any hours over 40 are placed in the ot hours field and the regular hours are changed to 40.  This button only works on the current record and is optional, but may help to quickly add overtime for an employee with over 40 hours.  Also added in company setup/settings is an option to turn off or on the automatic insertion of the ref_no when adding a new record in child account records.  Also in company setup/settings is an option to make screens larger "for those who are running there screen at 600/800".  We also have speeded up some of the account & attendance reports.  A patch and upgrade is available in the download section.

As of January 27th 2001, a bug was discovered when printing payroll or bill checks for the "word" dollar amount not matching the "numbers" dollar amount.   This was a rounding error and has been fixed and a patch is available in the download section.

All of these have been fixed, and an update/upgrade is available.

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