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Runs Realtime with MapleSoft DayCare
on your standalone Computer or on your Local Area Network.

(See notes at bottom of page for setup requirements and to install
your copy today)

Best of all.......
This program is Free to all MapleSoft DayCare Customers!

It can be ran in one of two ways.

1) Use "Start Quick Clock" to allow parents or children to
simply double click on there own name when then arrive or leave.

2) Or do a right mouse click on the "Start Quick Clock" button
for a more traditional input field.  The parent or child types in there
own child id number and clicks on the "In/Out" button.

Setup Instructions:

This program does not run on the internet. 
It must be installed on the same computer as MapleSoft DayCare.

If you are going to run it on the same computer as MapleSoft DayCare, simply install the
program and start using it.

If you want to run it on a different computer "Other than MapleSoft DayCare", you must
still first install it on the MapleSoft DayCare computer.  The 2nd computer that will be used
as the time-clock must be on the same "local area network in your building".  A mapped
network drive and shortcut must be created on the 2nd computer.  Also a runtime
component must be installed on the 2nd computer.  Please contact MapleSoft for
Network setup instructions.

Download or "Save" the installation file to your computer and then Install it after the download completes.  Note:  MapleSoft DayCare must already be installed first.

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