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MapleSoft System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 Operating System "32 bit or 64 bit".
Does not run in S Mode.  Windows 11 may require system adjustments - try before you buy.

We always suggest you download and try out the Free Trial Version first before buying.
Our software is designed for PC's and do not run on MAC, Tablets such as IPad, Android or Windows RT. Nor do they run on or require the internet. They run on your Windows PC.

Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 or Novell , for Network Version.
Will also run on a Windows Peer to Peer Network.

Our programs do not run directly on the internet.  For a simple solution:  Try the Logmein at: www.logmein.com .  More advanced option would include:  If you have a VPN and a highspeed internet connection, then it may be possible to map a drive to your server for an internet connection.  A very fast connection would be required on both ends and a network specialist would need to assist you.  If you wish to remotely enter data, we recommend using a remote control program such as pcAnywhere or GoToMyPC.  For advanced users, there is also free remote control software such as VNC.  Both pcAnywhere and VNC require you to configure your router to use "port forwarding".  MapleSoft may be able to provide some assistance or recommendations.

For networking it is our recommendations for multiple users, for each person to be doing different things, such as one person entering attendance and another person entering accounts.  There is no problem for multiple persons accessing the same records at the same time, but some reports can only be ran by one person at a time.   Also for large amounts of data, we recommend 100mps network or greater.  10mps is fine for most small to medium size companies.

You need to have administrator rights to your computer. 

If you are having Windows 10 issues:
Step 1: Right-click on This PC, choose Properties and then click on the Advanced system settings link.
Note: For other versions of Windows also click on the "Settings" button under performance. Then continue to step 2.
Step 2: Now click on the Data Execution Prevention tab and you�ll see two radio buttons:
Step 3: Select the first radio button "Turn on DEP for essential Windows program and services only", restart your computer and see if that fixes the issue.

Our programs are not Vista/7/8/10 certified, but our test indicate that they will run on Vista/7/8/10.  You may have to choose "Allow" to a Windows prompt.  This is due to Microsoft's attempt at protecting your computer.  We recommend that you are logged in as an Administrator to your computer.  We also recommend that you install the Trial Version and test it on your computer.


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